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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Download Link

Here are some softwares in my grasp. They are the same version that I currently use. Here are the download links.

  1. BitComet_1.34_x86_setup
  2. dap10
  3. FoxitReader544.11281_enu_Setup
  4. FreePrimoPDF32Setup
  5. Google_Earth_BZXV
  6. PDFCreator-1_6_2_setup
  7. SkypeSetup
  8. utorrent-3.1-latest
  9. vlc-2.0.5-win32
  10. winrar 420
  11. Any_Video_Converter_Pro_3.2.7
  12. Avast 8.0.1483
  13. Avro Keyboard portable
  14. Internet Browsers
  15. Adobe Illustrator CS 11.0
  16. Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0
  17. Office 2007
  18. Dropbox 2.0.7
  19. Bandicam Full 1.7 Version
  20. Google Earth Plugin for Google chorme
  21. Tera Copy 2.27 Full

Note: If any of those links are broken please leave a comment on the softwares blog post to notify the admin of the site. And in the internet browsers link you will get a collection of internet browsers of mine.

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