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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Rurouni Kenshin

I love writing reviews.This is the review of an epic anime,SAMURAI X.In Japanese,it is called RUROUNI KENSHIN.It is one of the most oldest and best anime.
People in Japan believe that the new meji era is created by a lagendary manslayer,Battousai.His  name was Shinta before his master Seijuro Hiko gave him a new name,Kenshin.he wasan apprentice of the ultimate swordmanship style Hitenmitsurugi Ryuu.Being misguided,he disobeys and leaves his master before completing his training.Killing countless people he creates a new era and at a time,he understands his faults.Then he swears not to kill people anymore and rises his reverse blade sword only to save the weak.He becomes a wanderer .Leaving Kyoto,he comes to Tokyo and finally finds some true friends at Kamiya Kassin Dojo.But circumstances take him back to Kyoto again and at last he was able to master the Hitenmitsurugi style by learning the final attack,Amakekeru Ryuu no hirameki from his master,Hiko.For establishing peace,he faces many old enemies of the past like Makoto Shishio,Aoshi Shinomori,Saito,Amakusa....The other main characters are Miss Kaoru,Sanouske Sagarra,Yahiko Miyojin,Miss Misao,Miss Migumi,Dr Gensai.....so on.Though its a very old anime,u cannot but love it if u watch it once,that u cant.

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