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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Howl's moving Castle

Its actually a movie but its a movie that comes in most lists of top 10 anime movies . Its made by Animeghibli . This movie is just amazing - the music , the slowly devoloping story , the drama , the folklore type environment and at last love .... I find this movie epic . The stroy has some huge turing points and happy ending . You will love it .

Now the plot comes up with a young women , Sophie who works in a hat shop . A group of guards tries to insult her and then a strange man named Howl saves her . That man walks on the air and takes her to her home . But her day turned into hell when an evil witch made her into an old woman . ENOUGH WITH THE PLOT . The next is upto you .

Strongly recommended for you guys !

Here are the download links -

1280x692.mp4 Kissanime

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