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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Pokemon Go review

Hi Friends,

Now we all know how pokemon go is spreading into the whole world like wildfire. It has become very popular on very short time due to it's long tv series. Every pokemon cartoon fan always wanted to catch pokemon like "Ash" (the main character of pokemon series). Now every can using the awesome technology of "Augmented Reality". I appreciate the developer for this awesome job.

But I have a suggestion to make. Firstly pokemon go demands travelling like Ash in the pokemon series. That's very good but due to travelling the internet connection usually fluctuates which causes interruption to the distance measurement. Which is the key to hatching eggs and collecting spare pokemon candy.

The solution of this particular problem could be cache system. Pokemon go app will try to connect to the internet if it fails then it will set a pin on starting point then it will continue to measure the distance until the app can find stable connection to update the progress. I am sure if this feature is implemented on pokemon go app already. If it is then you near to add a progress bar or some kind of notification that "your travelling distance is measured correctly and you will get your pokemon candy or hatch your poke eggs as soon as we find stable connection"

Secondly though you guys (the developers of pokemon go) are busy maintaining the servers to support pokemon go and trying to discourage playing Pokemon go while driving it is kind of sad that we have to walk a long way. Where as in the series Ash himself travelled using many vehicles  besides bi cycle.

In this two matters I think the first most important. What do you guys (pokemon go players) please comment below to send your views to me and also the the developers of pokemon go.

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