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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Sharing my frustration playing Pokemon go.

First of all I want to share my general location which is khulna Bangladesh. In here we don't have any pokestop excluding khulna university area. We don't have any poke gym.And make things worse ninatic isn't accepting any gym and pokestop requests. Please  reopen the submission.
Now for good part and light of hope.
We can still easily have some fun with pokemon go.
Here's how
Firstly I recommend new players to be aware of your every pokemon catch. Seriously you don't wanna run ou of Pokeballs just when you are having so much fun.
Secondly avoid catching pokemons that you have already caught. I know you can easily get 4 pokecandy by each catch but still it's  a lose if you look into the big picture. You can get those pokecandy using buddy.
Thirdly all these suggestions are gathered from my personal experience and only applicable for areas where pokegyms and pokestops are a pain to find.
I am open your suggestion in this topic. Leave a comment  to share your views.

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